Some of the session titles to be covered during the event:


  1. OES Roadmap
  2. Security improvements and initiatives in Filr
  3. ZENworks Roadmap - Join us as we share the vision of our Unified Endpoint Management portfolio and introduce the focus of the upcoming product releases.
  4. What’s new in Filr 24.1?
  5. Identity Lifecycle Management - Get into the internals of design and how it can help customers adopt the IAM SaaS Platform.
  6. ILM Tutorial - Learn about the upcoming Identity Lifecycle Management service in IAM SaaS
  7. Simplifying OES Deployment and Configuration - enhancement proposal for OES installation/configuration. Looking for feedback.
  8. ArcSight Threat Intelligence - Catch it early!
  9. Hybrid Workspaces - Join us to learn how Hybrid Workspaces can help you free up resources and act as a lower cost solution to VDI.
  10. Global Namespace for Hybrid Environment
  11. Access Manager 5.1 Roadmap
  12. LDAP admin user(s) seamless login
  13. ZENworks Public Cloud Architecture Overview - High level overview of the architecture for the ZENworks Public Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. Be the first to know details of the architecture and get to see an early preview of the product.
  14. Voltage Data Security - Discover, Classify, Protect your data!
  15. Partner Enablement Update
  16. Identity Roadmap Session - Discover the new features and releases for Identity Products (ILM, IDM, eDirectory, Identity Console)
  17. PAM Roadmap
  18. Seamless migration from NSS32 to NSS64 (POC)
  19. Access Manager Upgrade Assistant
  20. iPrint HA
  21. Bringing Multitenancy to ZENworks Public Cloud - Deep Dive Session on what happens behind the scenes and the choices considered in designing a multitenant cloud architecture for ZENworks.
  22. Identity Admin Tools - Learn more about the new administration tools: Identity Console and the Package Deployment Tool.
  23. Identity Admin Tools
  24. New capabilities in UMC (Cluster & NCP)
  25. NetIQ ACDI - Auditing, Compliance and Data Intelligence in Access Manager & IDM
  26. Adaptive and Advanced Authentication with Access Manager
  27. UMC deployment & configuration with TS steps.
  28. Round Table Session for feedback on ZENworks.
  29. German Apprentice Scheme insights
  30. Roundtable discussion - looking for answers on the Cloud/OS365 influence in academia and beyond.
  31. OES certificate management - Troubleshooting steps
  32. Strategic Shielding: NetIQ's Policy Orchestration Solutions
  33. CIS Infrastructure Upgrade and Azure Support
  34. NAM 5.1 Early Access Feedback
  35. MFA Support for OES (Integrating with CIFS Service demo)
  36. Moving away from Windows as Primary Servers in ZENworks - Join us as we share our plans of moving away from Windows as a supported platform for ZENworks Primary Servers.


In addition we of course have the full-day hands-on workshops to be delivered on the Saturday and Sunday before the main conference. See the Workshops page for more details.