If you would like to bring your partner with you to Bangalore you are more than welcome to do so. Note that you will need to book a double occupancy room in the hotel as room costs in India are based on occupancy.

Closer to the event will will introduce all of the partners attending to others in the group so that you can start chatting about what you would like to do whilst in the city. Bangalore is a diverse city with many interesting sites both within the city and in the surrounding region. TripAdvisor can show you some of the attractions and we will make sure you have the opportunity to experience the best of them during your visit. This will be the fifth time we have run a parallel program like this so we have experience of what people will find enjoyable. The traffic in Bangalore is a challenge but that is part of the Indian experience.

We will have someone on-site during the week who will help all of you with planning and logistics and arrange drivers etc as and when required.

So regardless of whether this is your first time in India or you are a seasoned traveler we will do all we can to look after your during the week. Please register your details using the link below.