(1) Saturday 9am –  Sunday 4pm (Two Day Workshop)

A mix of ZENworks topics ......

Presenter: Ron van Herk

The Bangalore Conference will be in three months from now and already Peter asks me for an abstract of my session! Obviously I’ll cover ZENworks 23.3 and 23.4 and the changes on Patch Management and Docker on the primary server, next to that I’ll bring up various topics that we can discuss and we’ll do as much hands on as we can. Topics I have in mind are Windows deployment, Modern Management for Windows and Mac, managing BitLocker with ZCM and some reporting. But I’m sure that I’ll have some more lined up when we get to Bangalore early February.

(2) Saturday 9am –  4pm (One Day Workshop)

Identity Manager on Containers

Presenter: Rodrigo Gomez

This course will cover:

  • Introduction to Docker
  • Deployment of Identity Manager on Docker
  • Deployment of IDM containers manually
  • Lab: Script based deployment in a single server
  • Lab: Ansible approach for multi-server deployment

(3) Saturday 9am – 4pm (One Day Workshop)

Upgrading to OES 23.4 and Management of OES with UMC & IC

Presenter: Gaurav Kumar, Anupama Poonkavanam, Girish K S

This one day hands on training will take you through best practices and how to upgrade to the latest version of OES (23.4) and how to configure and use the new Unified Management Console (UMC) and Identity Console (IC).

We will move an exiting OES 2018 SP3 environment to OES 23.4 and cover the differences in workflows between iManager and UMC/IC.

(4) Saturday 9am – 4pm (One Day Workshop)

GroupWise Hints Tips and Best Practices

Presenter: Robin Redgrave & Tim Heywood

The details of GroupWise administration are often overlooked in the busy schedule of our modern lives. Robin and Tim will lead you through the good practices and expand the upon subtle nuances of best practice where they pertain to your environment. Domains, Agents, Gateways, and Mobility; this will be a full day, come prepared.
(5) Sunday 9am - 4pm (One Day Workshop)
Securing your Filr Environment
Presenter: Robin Redgrave
With Filr typically having access from the outside world to your file storage it is important that you consider all the options to help reduce the risk of compromise.  This one day workshop will cover the options available to you to ensure the security of your data.
(6) Sunday 9am - 4pm (One Day Workshop)
Leveraging JSON forms in Identity Management
Presenter: Rodrigo Gomez

Even though JSON Forms were introduced with IDM 4.8, there is still little information available about them. This session will discuss the architecture and processes behind it. We will use hands-on exercises to build our own forms, explore different approaches to retrieve data from the vault, customize the data presented and interact with workflows.



(7) Sunday 12pm - 4pm (Half Day Workshop)


Policy Orchestration - Upgrading DRA 10.2


Presenter: Raju Thimmappa


Delegates will experience the upgrade of DRA to version 10.2.x and come to understand and explore the new features introduced. Following this we will then follow the same route for upgrading Change Guardian to version 6.3.